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Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Self-Assessment Tax Returns are required to be completed by all sole traders, directors and landlords. The deadline for completing and submitting Self-Assessment Tax Returns to HMRC is 31 January each year. 

We can help take the stress away by preparing and submitting your Self-Assessment Tax Return to HMRC before the deadline each year. By trusting us to complete your Self-Assessment Tax Return you can be sure that the Tax Return will be complete and correct.


We will provide you with proactive tax advice to help mitigate any tax due by explaining to you the exemptions and reliefs that may be available to you depending on your circumstances

We will review any PAYE coding notices you receive from HMRC to ensure that you are being taxed correctly throughout the year rather than having to request a refund via your Self-Assessment Tax Return many months later. 

If you provide us with the authority to do so we will be happy to talk to HMRC on your behalf when required to save you time. If you are due a refund from HMRC we will chase this for you to ensure you get your money from HMRC as quickly as possible. 

If you have a tax liability we will advise when this will be payable to HMRC and whether or not you will be required to make any payments on account to HMRC for the following tax year. If you are unable to pay the tax due on time we can advise you on what options you have available to you with HMRC. 

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